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Services & Pricing

For All Services

If lids are not exposed, additional digging rates will apply at $60 per foot (depth) per lid


Septic tank (tank size of 1200 gallons or less at normal operating levels)

Pierce county: $600 plus $60 county report/admin fee

Thurston county: $575 plus $25 county report/admin fee

Tanks larger than 1200 gallons or tanks above normal operating levels are charged an additional 50 cents per gallon

Pump out Pump Chamber (for pressure drainfield systems/systems with pump)

$200 when done with septic tank pumping and at normal operating levels

O&M Inspection WITH Pumping


O&M Inspection WITHOUT Pumping

Pierce county: $275 plus $60 county report/admin fee

Thurston county: $275 (no county report/admin fee for Thurston county)

File Report of System Status (RSS) for home sale: Pierce county

$434 RSS application fee plus $100 filing fee

File Time of Transfer (ToT) for home sale: Thurston county

$280 ToT application fee plus $107 filing fee

Service Calls

$275 (includes up to 1 hour of labor)

Same-day/After hours/Emergency Service call - $350 (includes up to 1 hour of labor)

Dig Lids

$60 per foot, per lid


Price will depend on repairs needed. Please call for an estimate.

* Prices are subject to sales tax

** Prices are subject to change and should be verified when scheduling

*** County report/admin fees will be added to the final invoice and collected at the time of service when applicable

Please contact our office 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to make changes or to cancel.

Appointments that are not cancelled with 24-hour notice will be charged a $250 non-cancellation fee plus tax.

Payment is due at the time of service. 

Regular maintenance pumping, inspections and service calls: We accept cash, check and cards.

Property Sales: We accept cash, cashier check, money order or cards. 

We DO NOT accept personal checks or go through Escrow for payment on property sales.

A non-refundable card processor fee of 4% is added on all card transactions.

There will be a $40 NSF fee charged on all returned checks.

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