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Helpful Tips for Septic System Care

Proper operation and maintenance are essential to the long-term

performance of your septic system. Have your system inspected

regularly to ensure proper system operation. Tanks should be

pumped every 3-5 years depending on usage/family size.

Inspections can:

  • Keep shellfish harvested from public waters safe to eat.
  • Protect ground, surface, and drinking water from contamination.
  • Prevent bacterial pollution from entering Puget Sound directly or through storm water run-off into creeks and streams.

Knowing where your septic system is located is important because you can avoid:

  • Children from playing around the septic tank lid(s).
  • Construction of structures over the drainfield.
  • Cars & heavy equipment parked on your drainfield.

Make sure your septic tank lid(s) fit properly and are secure and durable. Check for damages or cracks and have them replaced to prevent injuries and falls into the tank.

Check the drainfield and down slope areas routinely for odors, wet spots, or surfacing sewage.

Spread heavier water use throughout the week. Fix water leaks and use water saving fixtures for shower, faucet-heads, toilets, and washing machines.

Avoid garbage disposal use. The disposal adds solids and grease to your system and may plug the drainfield.

Avoid allowing grease, hair, solid waste, and chemicals to go down the drain.

Avoid using septic tank additives.

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